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CEMI diversifies its production in most product lines.

We produce electrical cabinets and boxes in quantity units, in small or large series. According to the Customer’s needs, CEMI can provide the following services:


  • design of the product with the related bill of materials;

  • supply of the materials;

  • realisation of the carpentry and/or frame in aluminium profiles;

  • assembling and cabling;

  • documentation;

  • installation.

Thanks to the equipment at its disposal, Cemi is able to produce wiring harnesses for small and for large quantities.


All the production activities are monitored by in process and final process test.


This category includes the following products that can be produced in small and large series


  • racks;

  • electronic boards, also in SMD;

  • portable electronic equipment for test;

  • production of prototype boards.

CEMI realises electrical-electronic and pneumatic equipment for the test of control units, including pneumatic components other than electronic, such as solenoid valves, push-button, manipulators, pneumatic devices, etc.


For this kind of products we support the Customer with the design activities, component selection, SW implementation.

Over the years we also developed experience in the turn–key supply of Security Systems, providing solutions for:


  • intrusion protection installations;

  • fire-alarm systems;

  • video-surveillance systems.



With the aim of diversifying the activities, CEMI also entered the field of photovoltaic systems supply.


The services provided include design, supply and installation of grid connected or stand-alone pv plants.

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