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In order to achieve our goals, according to the company mission, we primarily focus on the following points:


  • Quality of the product

  • Cost-effective solutions

  • Respect of the deadlines

  • Listening to the problems and issues

  • Experience in developing alternative solutions

  • Flexibility Proud and versatility toward the Customer’s request

  • Competence and skills of the personnel

  • Engineering, drawing, design assistance

  • Development of samples and prototypes

  • Keeping under control the equipment and instrumentation

  • Using documentation for production control such as Fabrication and Control Plan, formats for test, reports, quality control, etc.





The CEMI Company Quality System is certified ISO 9001:2008.


Our Partner 



Together to optimize your business


CEMI-DIGITEC Partnership offer customers-focused solutions to overcome today’s challenges. We offer complete Electronic, Mechanic and Pneumatic products engineering, testing and production services.

Our engineering capability and experience can help customers in significant time to market reduction and can improve development and production costs. Long term experience of 30 years in Automotive and Railway market, makes the difference when High Quality and Reliable services and products are mandatory.

CEMI cooperate closely with DIGITEC. Synergy and integration between our Companies improve services we can provide to customers, keeping high-quality services and expectation over the years.

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